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Applied Scholastics services offer a real solution to families by providing the foundational skills not only for the child but for the parent as well.

Get started to today with a free assessment or course and join thousands of successful students in learning how to learn. Whether you’re studying for a new career, your child is falling behind in school or you simply want to learn to study better, Applied Scholastics Learning Center can help.

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    Tutoring Services

    Tutoring is done one-on-one with a trained and caring tutor who helps each student to move through his or her program as quickly as they are able. Attention is focused on the areas of greater difficulty and always with 100% comprehension and demonstrated mastery before moving onto the next part.  Our goal is to help students understand and apply what they have learned so their knowledge reaches far beyond that of passing an exam.  This gives them the solid framework and skills they need to be confident and succeed in life.

    Courses For Students

    By mastering these simple study skills a student can understand and apply the materials he is studying and become an independent learner – a fundamental skill for anyone pursuing a quality education.  

    Courses for Parents

    With parents increasingly taking on the role of teaching their children from home, we wanted to provide you with some simple easy to  follow tools to assist you in your homeschooling endeavor and help you  keep your sanity in the process.

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    What students, educators and parents have to say:

    Dylan B, Success

    Learning How to Learn is an amazing course because you learn how to study properly. You learn that studying is not just getting more facts, it is understanding what you are learning. This course helps you to know and fix any barrier to study like a misunderstood word, a lack of mass, or a skipped gradient when you have one of them.”

    —Dylan B., Student
    Crystal B, Parent

    “Wow, as a parent of a 5 year old whose school just closed suddenly this course could not have come at a better time for me. It gave me so much instant relief and really calmed down any anxieties I had about this new home school journey we were on. The tips in the course were easy to follow and we have started to put a lot of them in place already.”

    —Crystal B, Parent, San Franciso, CA
    Fiona M, School Principal

    “This [How Every Parent Can Be An Effective Teacher] is a great little course and is well presented. As the principal of a school, I am very happy to send this out to our parents. I have enjoyed working through it and it has revitalized some great points of teaching.”

    —Fiona M., School Principal, Sydney, Australia
    Kimberly J, Success Story

    “Now that I know what to do and how to study properly I can’t wait to go back and relearn.  I can teach myself and my sisters.  This is the best, most fun course ever.  This doesn’t only apply to academics, but with real life.  I can do all the things I want to do.  I am very grateful for this course—I enjoyed every second of it!”

    —Kimberly J., Student, Los Angeles, CA
    Lethabo, Student

    “I love Learning How to Learn and the three barriers. It’s the best book in the world. I really learnt a lot. This book changed the way I study, by helping me study easier and faster. I know when I run into trouble and I know what to do when I run into trouble to get myself out and doing well again.”

    —Lethabo M., Student, Johannesburg, South Africa